Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2013-05-27 Punk Rock Bowling - Day Three

Not many bands to cover today as I took a nap this afternoon.  I missed the following opening bands - Catholic Spit, Molotov Compromise, Retox, Funeral Dress, and Lower Class Brats.

I made it there before 6pm and was able to grab a water and meet up with Ben in the crowd.  No sign of Aquaman today and still didn't get a chance to meet Wretch.

I had seen these NYC punks a few times at Riot Fest and on the tour that Down by Law played last Summer.  The kids love these guys.  I think it must be the haircuts.  The sound was better than the club show I saw in Joliet, IL last Summer.  I didn't mind seeing them play.  They actually have a few songs that I enjoy hearing.  I recall them playing the following.

Rockaway Beach (Ramones cover)
We Are All We Have
Modern Day Slaves
Life on the Line
Ugly Bastard
Criminal Class
Punk Rock Love
Unknown Soldier
Tomorrow Belongs to Us


Subhumans UK
These old time punks were a hit with the crowd too.  Fat Mike stood at the side of the stage with his girlfriend and sang along and played air bass to the whole set.  I had not spent much time listening to this band before this show.  I was pleased with their performance, and would go see them again.  Unfortunately, they did not play "Can't Hear the Words", and waited until I went for something to eat to play my other favorite tune of theirs "Religious Wars".  I recall them playing the following.

Religious Wars
Susan (with piano)
Fade Away

I listened through the catalog of these guys a few weeks ago, and just couldn't get into their thrash sound.  After watching them live, I can still say I can't get into these guys.  They had a great time and so did most of the crowd so they are doing something right for some people.  I guess that is all that matters.  I recognized them playing the following tunes.

I Don't Need Society
Who Am I
Violent Pacification
Manifest Destiny

Finally, the festival draws to a close with the headliner, FLAG.  They killed it right from the start.  I loved the two guitar attack.  The crowd was nuts.  I was about 50 yards back from the stage, but dead center.  The sound was great.  Chuck was jumping around with his bass like he was in his early 20's again.  Keith was nailing the vocals.  Bill was incredible on drums as usual.  I guess the 8 or so hours of practice that they had this weekend prior to the show paid off for them.  Their work ethic is incredible and it comes through in the live performance.  Dez sang vocals on about 5-6 songs.  I am now a fan of the song "My War".  Keith was awesome on those vox.  They were definitely the best set of the festival for me.  I would love to see these guys play again.  The only disappointment was that the only t-shirt they sold just had the first names of each member in the band on it.  I was hoping to get a FLAG shirt.  They were selling a Black Flag t-shirt.  I wonder if Greg Ginn is getting paid for those sales :).  Here is the setlist.

Fix Me 

Police Story
I Don' Care

I've Had It
No Values
My War
No More
Gimme Gimme Gimme
White Minority
Jealous Again
Clocked In
Nervous Breakdown
American Waste (Dez vox)
Thirsty and Miserable (Dez vox)
Padded Cell (Dez vox)
Spray Paint (Dez vox)
Six Pack (Dez vox)
Rise Above
Louie Louie

I Love You
Damaged (Dez vox)

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Band Rankings for the Day:

Festival Band Rankings (those bands I watched):
02 The Damned
04 CH3
05 Bad Religion
06 Shattered Faith
07 The Gears
08 The Crowd
09 Bouncing Souls
10 Angry Samoans
11 The Briggs
12 Turbonegro
13 The Weirdos
14 Subhumans
15 Devo
16 Casualties
17 Revilers
18 Love Canal
19 DRI
20 Lagwagon


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  1. Cool review. My FLAG ticket just came in the mail today for the Boston show!