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2013-05-26 Punk Rock Bowling - Day Two

I found out on Day Two of Punk Rock Bowling that arriving in the late afternoon / early evening (approx. 6pm) gets you a 15 minute or so wait in the security line.  As such, I did not get to see the following bands by plan - Surrounded by Thieves, Piss and Blood, Sean and Zander, and Pour Habit.  It is a damn shame that Surrounded by Thieves played so early.  I love their song "Riot", and I am sure there was a goddamn riot at PRB when they hit the stage yesterday.

When I arrived, the US Bombs were hitting the stage.  I took the time to get 2 bottles of water and some chicken tenders so I missed their set.  They were part of the festival background noise for me.

Bouncing Souls
I met up with Ben again in between sets, and we headed up toward the stage for the Bouncing Souls.  It has been a few years since I have seen them play at Riot Fest.  They played a great set and I am glad they were on the bill.  The crowd was soaking them up, and the band was having fun.  During one song, the lead singer did a stage dive into the crowd with a piƱata.  Fun was had by all.  Aquaman ended up standing next to me during the set, and we caught up with each other prior to Lagwagon with discussions about his breakfast that was followed shortly their after with lunch with Flag's drummer, Bill Stevenson.  What is spoken in Vegas stays in Vegas :).  Here is what I remember the Bouncing Souls playing.

True Believers
The Gold Song
Lean on Sheena
Sing Along Forever
Hopeless Romantic
East Coast Fuck You
Here We Go

I had never seen this band before, and have only briefly took a listening spin through their discography.  The singer also sings for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.  Fat Mike and his girlfriend could be seen stage left during this set.  One of the bands guitar players must be about 7ft tall.  I enjoyed the music, but the vocals did not work for me with the sound of the band.  Thus, I couldn't tell you what songs they played.  They did close the set with a cover of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" fitting for Las Vegas which I did quite enjoy.

I was not quite sure what to make of these guys, and was quite surprised that there were not more of their loving fans walking around in their Turbojugend denim jackets and sailor caps.  Hailing from Norway, these guys are the modern day equivalent of the Village People in their sailor, policeman, etc. costumes playing their version of glam, metal, street punk, and rock and roll - or deathrock as the band self-describes it.  All I know is that by the end of the set they had me rocking along with them.  Here is a list of some of the songs they played.

All My Friend Are Dead
Wasted Again
Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed
Fuck the World
Prince of the Rodeo
I Got Erection
Dude without a Face

Bad Religion
This was the first time that I have seen Bad Religion without Greg Hetson on 2nd guitar.  Apparently, he is dealing with some personal issues, and was being replaced by John Dimkich of the Cult (and he looks remarkably similar to Hetson).  With Brian Baker on guitar, it is hard for this band not to deliver the goods.  They were deservedly the headlining band today and played like it.  The band was having fun and the crowd loved them.  Fat Mike bum rushed the stage during "21st Century Digital Boy" to grab bass player Jay Bentley's mike to sing, and apparently ended up chipping his tooth on the microphone.  Fun was had by all.  I left near the end of the set to get a head start on my walk to the club show.  Daghouse Ben got on the VIP list from Brian Baker and spent some time backstage watching Brian give Bad Religion guitar lessons to Dimkich.  Here is what I remember the band playing.

Sinister Rouge
21st Century Digital Boy
New Maps of Hell
Fuck Armageddon
True North
Fuck You
Darma and the Bomb
Recipe for Hate
Nothing to Dismay
Do What You Want
No Direction
Let Them Eat War
Robin Hood in Reverse
American Jesus

I made it to the Las Vegas Country Saloon for the after festival club show.  I was at this place last year.  It is a nice small club that I believe raised their stage up a bit since last year which was nice.  You could now see the band playing from further back in the room.  All bands had merch, but TSOL and 7 Seconds did not have XXL t-shirts so I was out of luck as the Pointed Sticks would say.

Angry Samoans
Metal Mike Saunders was fronting this version of the band, and also played drums on a few songs.  I had never seen these guys before, but Inside My Brain and Back from Samoa were the soundtrack to my high school years.  I loved those records.  I enjoyed the set, but wish I could have seen them earlier in their career as opposed to playing with the hired guns in the band now.  Anyway, one more band from California off of my bucket list.  Here is what I recall them playing.

Slave to My Dick (Subhumans cover)
Hot Cars
You Stupid Asshole
Todd Killings
Steak Knife
Lights Out
You Stupid Jerk
Haizman's Brain
Ballad of Jerry Curlan
They Saved Hitler's Cock
Not of This Earth
Get Off the Air
Wasted (Black Flag cover)
Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)
My Old Man's a Fatso
I'm in Love with Your Mom
BBC (Austin Powers cover)
I Like to Drink and Fight

Up next were Jack Grisham's True Sounds of Liberty, and were the next SoCal band to cross off my bucket list this weekend.  Jack stated he was recently married last week, and was now sporting a blonde hairdue which had him looking like WCW wrestling's Barry Windham.  I rank this set as the best of the day, and I was as happy seeing these guys as Jack looked on stage singing for everyone.  Here is what I recall them playing.

World War 3
In My Head
Dance with Me
Terrible People
Superficial Love
Property Is Theft
Sounds of Laughter
The Triangle
Fuck You, Tough Guy
Die for Me
I'm Tired of Life
Abolish Government / Silent Majority
Code Blue

Unfortunately, my feet could not take it any longer so I headed back to the hotel prior to 7 Seconds hitting the stage.

Channel 3 logo t-shirt

Daily Band Rankings:
Bad Religion
Bouncing Souls
Angry Samoans

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