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2013-05-25 Punk Rock Bowling - Day One

I arrived at the venue today close to 5pm.  I missed The Dirty Panties and Tartar Control play as planned.  I wanted to get their prior to Boston's Revilers starting, but I was running a little late betting on the horse races at Arlington Race track in IL from the Sports Book at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.  I should have gone to the festival.

As I was walking around the security gates, I heard the Revilers playing my favorite tune of theirs "No Bullshit Reactor" which sucks because I wanted to record video of them playing that tune.  I did manage to catch their last 3-4 songs and they ripped it up pretty good.  I compare them to a cross between a current street punk band sound and Motorhead.  Anyway, I am glad a got to see a few songs.

These guys were on my bucket list to see.  I missed them 3 times or so when they rolled through Chicago on very infrequent tours outside of CA.  They did not disappoint during their 30+ minute set.  Now I would love to see them in a small venue / club setting.  I remember the following songs being played.

You Lie
Out of Control
Indian Summer
I Didn't Know
Last Time I Drank
I've Got a Gun
You Make Me Feel Cheap (complete with female vox)

The Briggs
I have seen these guys very early on in their career at a small club in Burbank, IL that has since been renovated into Chuck's Southern BBQ restaurant (which is a great place to eat by the way) with Time Again.  I also saw them open for Bad Religion at the House of Blues in Chicago once too.  The band lineup looked like it changed a bit since then.  As previous times I have seen them, they put on a great show playing their poppy street punk.  I am glad they were on the card at the festival.  I remember the following songs being played.

One Shot Down
Wasting Time
This Is L.A.

Swingin' Utters
Unfair to these guys, I spent their set eating a buffalo burger and resting my legs by sitting on a bench in the shade.  I couldn't tell you how they sounded or what songs they played.  I never really listened to their catalog before so I decided this was a good place in the day to refresh.

The Weirdos
I got a chance to catch another SoCal punk band who I never had a chance to see before.  I enjoyed the set and was glad that they played today.  The vocals were a little strange to me as at times it almost seemed like they were being lip synched.  During this set, I was met by Aquaman from Daghouse and spent some time chatting with him after the set.  Once again, the Daghouse does not disappoint with another class guy.  I am glad we got to meet and chat and hope to get to see him throughout the weekend.  Here are the songs I remember them playing.

We Got the Neutron Bomb
Solitary Confinement
Destroy All Music
Happy People
Message from the Underworld

The Damned
I was really looking forward to seeing these guys play even though I had seen them about 4-5 times already.  As always, they did not disappoint.  The setlist was a greatest hits up thru the Strawberries era and had some songs I had never heard them play live before.  They were the highlight of the day for me, and I suspect will be tough to knock off the #1 ranking for the festival over the next few days.

Love Song
Second Time Around
Neat Neat Neat
Plan 9 Channel 7
Help (Beatles cover)
Fan Club
Born to Kill
New Rose
Stretcher Case Baby
Smash It Up Pts 1&2

Up next were the evenings headlining band.  For $35, you could buy a red or light blue flower pot to wear on your head.  I saw at least 100 people wearing one throughout the day.

Prior to the Damned, I met up with Ben from Daghouse whom I had spent time with last year at PRB.  During the break, we went to get some tacos and rest the legs sitting on a bench. 

Devo started up with a big video screen behind them playing videos to accompany their music.  The crowd was going pretty nuts for them.  After about 15-20 minutes, we moved from the benches to get up closer to watch them.  The band performed well but I just wasn't into their sound after listening to the other bands earlier today.  If the B-52's, the Go-Go's, and other 80's new wave bands were on the bill throughout the day, I think I would have been in a different mood to enjoy them more.  Here is what I remember hearing prior to us leaving to head to the club show.

Whip It
Girl U Want
Are We Not Men?
Uncontrollable Urge

It seemed like it took forever, but we finally made it to the Bunk House.  This was one of the few shows that did not sell out in advance for some strange reason.  When we arrived there were only about 20 people there when Love Canal hit the stage.  I couldn't tell you any of the songs that they played as I never really listened to this 80's SoCal punk band before.  I can tell you that I enjoyed the set much more than I had expected too.  And, they did play a cover of M.I.A.'s "Tell Me Why" because they were in Vegas after all.

Shattered Faith
I had seen them before at Reggie's in Chicago with about 10 other people that night.  Tonight they had their drummer from 30 years ago, Chris Moon, playing with them.  The crowd had increase to probably over 100 by the time they started playing.  There were even a few new songs sprinkled in the set list.  I really wish the band would have had more time to play.  They were so tight and were having so much fun playing.  This was one of the top performances of the day.  Here is the song list direct from the setlist.

The Verdict
Victims of Society
Final Conflict
I Love America
Suburban Boredom
Mirrors Reflection
Right Is Right
Reagan in 81
Born to You
Power to the Kids

The Gears
Up next were the early L.A. punk band, The Gears.  I had only listened to this band a few weeks ago for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised by their sound - a beach, surfy, punk sound.  I was blown away by the energy of the band, and I am pleasantly looking forward to the new CD that they say they are working on.  Here is what I remember them playing from what seemed like over an hour long set.

Baby Runaround
Lets Go To the Beach
Don't Be Afraid to Pogo
Elks Lodge Blues
Darlin Baby
Trudie Trudie
High School Girls
The Last Chord
I Smoke Dope

The Crowd
Another band that I got to check off my bucket list this weekend.  I remember first hearing these guys on some of the early Posh Boy Records compilations and on their LP on Flipside Records.  I recently bought their latest single that came with a download card of 10+ songs and have been buying their singles, compilation tracks, and CDs throughout the years.  Once again, the band did not disappoint even though it was almost 2am before they hit the stage.  The band and the crowd were having a great time throughout the set.  I would go see this bill again anytime.  Here is what I remember hearing the band play.

Living in Madrid
Modern Machine
Right Is Right
Suzy is a Surf Rocker
Trix Are for Kids
I'm Not Happy Here
Max Got Hit by a Car

Day #1 Band Rankings:
The Damned
Shattered Faith
The Gears
The Crowd
The Briggs
The Weirdos
Love Canal
Swingin' Utters (by default because I did not watch them)

The Damned "Machine Gun Etiquette" LP cover t-shirt
Shattered Faith logo t-shirt
Shattered Faith Live CD (an official Shattered Faith product - i.e. self released CD version of the original LP recording)

I was beat by the end of the nite (early morning) when I hit the pillow after 3am.  Great event.  It is going to be hard to beat the rest of the weekend.

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  1. Good review but putting The Briggs above The Weirdos is suspect:)