Monday, February 1, 2016

UK Subs - Another Kind of Blues

Artist: UK Subs
Title: Another Kind of Blues
Format: Vinyl (light blue, 180g)
Year Released: 2015
Label: Demon Records
Cat. No.: DEMREC69
# Tracks: 17
Genre: Punk - UK 70’s
Origin: London, England
Similar Artists: Vibrators, Urban Dogs, Chelsea
Rating: 5

Rating Scale:
5 = Classic
4 = Worthwhile Owning
3 = Some Decent Tracks
2 = Collector’s Only
1 = Trashbin

This is a re-issued version of the first UK Subs LP that was originally released on September 14, 1979 on GEMS Records (GEMLP 100) and recorded in May-June 1979 at Kingsway Recorders Ltd.  Demon Records in association with Captain Oi! released this in 2015 as part of the reissue of the first four UK Subs LPs.  This version is on heavy 180g vinyl and is a light blue color that matches nicely with the blue, deluxe gatefold cover.  The inner portion of the gatefold has the lyrics for the LP printed on it.  This also comes with record sleeve cover art.

The lyrics on the LP cover the usual for the era - crime, war, sex, poverty, and drugs.  Three singles were released from this LP - C.I.D. (all 3 tracks), Tomorrow’s Girls (title track), and Stranglehold (all 3 tracks).

Overall, this LP has a great sound that I feel has held up well over the years.  There are a few tracks in the middle that I just never got into (I.O.D., TV Blues, Blues), but the rest are classics that over shadow those few numbers.  I really wish that they would have added the B-sides from the Tomorrow’s Girls 7in to the original LP (Scum of the Earth and Telephone Numbers).  But, back in those days they tried to sell singles with non-LP tracks to make some dough too so I get why they were not included.  In fact, I am quite surprised that the other two singles from this LP had their b-sides included.

Vocals, Harmonica - Charlie Harper
Guitar - Nicky Garratt
Bass - Paul Slack
Drums - Pete Davies

Track Listing:

  1. C.I.D.
  2. I Couldn’t Be You
  3. I Live in a Car
  4. Tomorrow’s Girls
  5. Killer
  6. World War
  7. Rockers
  8. I.O.D.
  9. TV Blues
  10. Blues
  11. Lady Esquire
  12. All I Wanna Know
  13. Crash Course
  14. Young Criminals
  15. B.I.C.
  16. Disease
  17. Stranglehold

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