Saturday, June 7, 2014

2014 Midwest Live and Loud Compilation

While I was in Vegas at Punk Rock Bowling, this festival was going on in Chicago.  It would have been nice if they were on different weekends so I could have attended both.  Anyways, here is a compilation CD I put together of some of the bands that played the festival for those that may be interested in listening to what style of music was on display at the festival.  The festival featured a lot of up and coming street punk bands from the Midwest area.

01 Hex Bombs - Midwest Punk
02 Victory - Midwest Unrest
03 Bad Assets - Midwest Fuck the Rest
04 Assault & Battery - Proud and Free
05 Bishops Green - Another Door
06 Brass Tacks - Grind 'Em Down
07 Dog Company - Not Dead Yet
08 Fatskins - Fatskin Hooligan
09 Fear City - Old Glory
10 Gestalts - Made to Pay
11 Hard Evidence - Last One Standing
12 Make Your Mark - Where's the Youth?
13 Noi!se - Reason Why
14 Pressure Point - Get Out
15 Virgin Whores - Watch Your Back
16 Those Unknown - Going Strong
17 Squared Off - One of Those Days
18 Pist-N-Broke - Pist-N-Broke
19 The Shame - Daytime Drinking
20 Sniper 66 - Let's Go Have a Drink
21 The DUI's - We Will Get Drunk!

2014 Midwest Live and Loud.

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