Saturday, May 31, 2014

2014 Punk Rock Bowling Wrap Up

Here is my ranking for the weekend based on the bands that I watched most or all of their set.

1 Descendents
2 Angelic Upstarts
3 Cock Sparrer
4 The Adicts
5 Peter & the Test Tube Babies
6 Naked Raygun
7 Anti-Nowhere League
8 OFF!
9 Masked Intruder
11 CJ Ramone
12 Night Birds
13 Good Riddance
14 Generators
16 Church of Confidence
17 Devils Brigade
18 Radkey

SNFU was the biggest disappointment for me of the weekend. Even more so than missing ALL, the Meatmen, and the Cock Sparrer club show because I am too fat and couldn't stand on my feet anymore.

Biggest surprise was CJ Ramone joining Naked Raygun to sing "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg."

I must admit, I purposefully did not watch the following bands during the festival.

Black Market Syndicate
Lost in Society
La Plebe
The Dwarves
Rats in the Wall
Bad Cop / Bad Cop
Cerebral Ballzy
Leftover Crack
Face to Face (only caught the last half of the set)
Against Me (only caught last 3-4 songs)

There are more pics on my Flickr album here for 2014 Punk Rock Bowling.

Videos to be posted soon.

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