Thursday, March 6, 2014


Silver Screams is a punk rock trio from the greater Boston area who named themselves after a lyric in a song by The Damned.  They have their first EP coming out in early May.  Check out the artwork below.  It was made by the legendary Chris Shary who has created some artwork for the Descendents over the years.  The members of Silver Screams have been around punk rock for over 20 years.  In fact, one member of the band drove Joey Ramone to the airport after completing an interview with him on his college radio show.

Silver Screams recorded session #55 for Sonic Lobotomy in late February.  Sonic Lobotomy is an internet TV show featuring primarily Boston area punk bands playing a live, in studio set.  The show also usually has an interview with the band.  TJ Welch, of the Welch Boys, created the show, and handles all aspects of the show on his own.

Here is TJ's description of the band and the performance.
Silver Screams are a trio that plays tight and original, post-punk rock. Their music has strong hooks , without losing it's sharp edge. These guys are veterans of some great bands. They collectively bring forth the talent and musicianship in their intense, thirty minute musical assault . After that, the band unwound in the man cave for an interview, Wayne's World style.... and we talked about all that goes into making their great music. This was indeed a fantastic night of local rock and roll from the Silver Screams. It was a pleasure to capture them on my show.

Here is the setlist from the band's performance on the show.

Infinite Mirror
Welcome to Utopia
Wasted Life (SLF cover)
Straight Jacket
Dead Air
Climbing Mt. Rumpke
Wash Away (TSOL cover)
Brown Bagger
The Evidence

For those of you who may have heard of a band named the UK Subs and enjoy their newest releases Universal and XXIV, you will love Silver Screams.  Be sure to check them out if you are in the Boston area.  Here are links to additional band websites.

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