Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dropkick Murphys - House of Blues, Boston - 2013-03-17

A few minutes prior to buying the VIP ticket package, I bought the tickets for the Dropkick Murphys St Pat's Day show at the House of Blues.  At the time, they only way to get the tix for that show was to buy the combo package with tix for the TD Garden and the HoB shows.  I ended up giving my cousin Jody and his girlfriend my extra set of ticket for the TD Garden show.

The sound at this show was so much better than at the TD Garden.  The setlist was pretty different too.

1.Cadence to Arms 
2.The Boys Are Back 
3.The Fighting 69th 
5.Barroom Hero 
6.Amazing Grace 
7.A Few Good Men 
8.Pipebomb on Landsowne 
9.Prisoner's Song 
10.Jimmy Collins' Wake 
11.Captain Kelly's Kitchen 
13.Worker's Song 
14.The Wild Rover 
15.The Dirty Glass 
16.Bastards on Parade 
17.God Willing 
18.Rose Tattoo 
19.On the Attack 
20.The Battle Rages On 
21.Don't Tear Us Apart 
22.Out of Our Heads 
23.Dirty Water (The Standells cover)
24.I'm Shipping Up to Boston (played instrumental with crowd singing vocals)
25.End of the Night 
26.Skinhead on the MBTA 
27.Alcohol (Gang Green cover) (Scruffy Wallace on Vocals)

Somewhere in the mix, they played a cover of Cock Sparrer's "Watch Your Back" which was the second best highlight of the night for me.  The first highlight was when the band brought 4 members of the military force that killed Osama Bin Laden on stage prior to singing "Forever".  I thought I was at a WWF event as the crowd broke into a USA chant!

I had never seen the band play "Dirty Water" live and that was a treat.  It was also great to hear them play "End of the Night" and let the women on stage.  We left after that song which is very unfortunate as I would have really like to have heard them cover "Alcohol".

"End of the Night" was the great way to end the night and cap off the weekend.  We beat the crowd to the cabs, and headed back to the hotel exhausted.


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  1. Definitely would have liked to hear The Standells cover. Looks like a great show!